I contacted Mr Green to seek his advice regarding a Human Rights issue. He was very helpful and provided me with excellent advice, referrals and direction.

Mr Green was very empathetic to my situation, and his calm and caring manner enabled me to stay focused during a very stressful and difficult time.

Words cannot express my appreciation for the assistance and guidance Mr Green provided. He is a very knowledgeable advocate, and I’m very grateful for his advocacy and exceptional support.

Enid Symonds

Mr. James Green has been one of the most kind, selfless people I’ve ever met. He truly cares about what he does and has such a deep passion and desire to help people. His knowledge and experience in many different fields allows him to give valuable, insightful advice and guidance to almost any situation. He knows how to ask the right question, not just questions in general, which helps get results and not just broken promises.

James donated his time to us, travelling and sitting in on multiple meetings while giving our family support and a confidence we wouldn’t have had without him. He was kind and respectful to all parties involved, yet his presence at the meetings commanded a level of attention towards us and we were taken “more seriously”. During our meetings, James offered different perspectives to both parties, including ourselves from the school boards position. His experience as a teacher for many years and a school trustee really offered us invaluable information, which in turned helped up ask the proper questions and created expectations from the school board to uphold. Since then, our results have drastically improved and we’re all on the right track in our daughter’s education.

We couldn’t have asked for a better advocate and I know at a drop of a hat, James would be there; answering his phone, replying to an email, or even travelling to us to lend a helping hand. James has been an inspiration to me and my wife and I would like to genuinely thank him for everything he’s done for our daughter and our family.


When I was first introduced to James, I didn't know how to face the sexual assault of my daughter.  I didn't have any resources or direction, let alone a strategy.  When my son initially contacted James, we were able to meet within a half hour of the phone call.  James made my family a priority and recognized the need.  James set aside his own comfort to offer assistance.  James is dedicated to the pursuit of justice and this was clearly demonstrated in his action after that first phone call.  After our meeting James took the necessary steps to assist us in getting additional support and guidance to help us through the process of filing a complaint.  I had no idea what factors to consider or what an impact the timing and coordination of efforts would have on the proceedings.  James is very dedicated and he always does what he says he is going to do.  James is extremely thorough and relentless in his quest for answers and positive outcomes.  James has been extremely generous with his resources, skill, knowledge and most of all his time.  during the entire process, James has been gracious, compassionate and understanding.  I truly don't know what I would have done without him.

-Jennine B

The moment I met James Green, I knew I was in good hands.  From our first meeting, it was evident how much experience and knowledge he had and his compassion and understanding was a comfort to me immediately.  Since then, James has been relentless in fighting for me and giving me sound advice on how to deal with a workplace bullying and injustice.  Without this, I have no idea where I would be right now.  I can’t thank James enough for his ongoing support and unwavering dedication to my cause.  Without his guidance and advice during many difficult moments, I doubt very much I would have pursued the course of justice this deserves. 

L. Williamson

I am pleased to write this letter of support and recommendation for you as an advisor.  Your attendance at the school we had a problem with was very valuable in gaining a solution to our concerns.

Your ability to define the problem and work with both parties to resolve our concerns was exemplary.

When we first called you, you attended to the problem immediately and offered a clear action strategy to deal with what had been bothering our daughter at the school she attended.

You dealt with teachers, councillors and the principal in a manner that made it easy and desirable for them to work with you and me to solve the problem.  Your demeanor and the excellent way you articulated our concerns and helped all lead to a solution was greatly appreciated. 

Your strong listing skills and ability to effectively respond to others in a non confrontation manner certainly helped me address my concerns

I praise you for dedicating your life and business to advising and helping others in their attempts to gain satisfactory outcomes to the problems they may have with the institutions we all depend on to give us good and accountable service but often require someone like you to make this happen.

I would not falter in calling you and recommending others do so should they require the advice and guidance of a true professional.

Yours truly
Richard Larmour

I have known James Green for 30 years and have always known him to be a strong advocate for social justice.  James has a deep commitment to helping others develop solutions to issues and problems in their lives as well as injustices they face with organizations in the private and public sectors.

James is an expert at identifying cause and effect and coming up with strategies and means that lead to resolutions.  I am impressed by his tireless level of dedication to helping others find solutions where they may not be able to otherwise.

James never loses sight and understanding of the hard work and time it can take to help others and has given many people comfort in knowing they have an astute and competent advisor at their side.

As the leader of the SJAC James is acting upon his most important calling and I am sure this endeavour will serve and help the many people who require professional advisory services.

-Tracey Gabert

James Green is a high energy, passionate, engaged individual--one who is a natural leader and motivational coach.  He has certainly assisted me in some business modeling and conceptualizing projects.  His knowledge of entrepreneurship, not for profits fundraising ideas and public policy is extensive.  He would be an asset to any project, especially assisting and supporting people who are in stressful situations.

-Shawn W.

Two years ago I met James Green as the two of us struck up an impromptu conversation about his road bike and road biking in general.  This conversation took place in the neighbourhood we both call home, Cambie Village.  From that day, I have had the pleasure to get to know and work with a wonderful person and man.

James Green is a caring, passionate, compassionate and intelligent individual who holds strong values of ethics and integrity.  In 2014, James and I started working on a project together and fortunately for me, that allowed me to get to know him better, get to know what is important to this man, what his vision in life is.

I hired James to be my personal advocate and consultant with respect to a matter that both James and I found to be unethical and unfair.  James' knowledge and experience in dealing with the matter was impressive and his advice and action plan, succinct and effective.

James encouraged me to pursue my matter and also advised me to hold back at times when he felt that some of my desired actions may be more fueled by negative emotions such as anger and resentment.  James guided me to be balanced and taught me that in order to gain the information and results needed, we needed to follow a plan and be patient at the same time.

There are many things I respect and appreciate about James.  One of them is that, in his mid 60's, this man still cares about values like integrity and equality.  His passion and commitment to me and my matter have been unparalleled and that has been extremely comforting to me.  James can see through the injustices that exist and is able to draw on a lifetime of experience to address such matters.

James Green is a person who genuinely cares, a man with strong ethical convictions, a man willing to help people in need.  His strength and knowledge have not only helped me through a challenging time in my life, but also inspired me to be a better person.

-Mario Amabile

It was as if James had sensed something was going on.  After helping me with education and tenancy issues, James called to see how I was doing.  Initially I was too embarrassed to tell him about my current situation, so I didn’t.  I was so embarrassed and ashamed of losing my child.  I never thought me, of all people, would lose their child.  But after speaking to him I felt a sense of calmness and the shame had faded.  I was ready to face this on my own but then I was so exhausted.  I told James what had happened and he was shocked.  He didn’t judge me, he didn’t point fingers at me.  He was very understanding and told me we had to do something about it.  He was so quick on the case that I automatically felt all the weight lifted off my shoulders.  James is such a kind soul and has a way of just making you feel comfortable and have trust in him.  He is so encouraging, and has such a caring heart to help people get the justice they need.  He has not once failed me.  Again, I’m so glad I told him my situation.  He’s hard working.  James definitely knows what he’s doing.  He’s very educated, professional and straightforward.  If it wasn’t for James stepping in when he did I would have broken down a long time ago.  Thank you James for all your hard work, understanding and kindness.  Words cannot express how grateful I am to have you working on my case.