James C. Green

Advisor, Advocate and Strategist

James Green has accumulated over 50 years experience in the arts and culture, education, business, politics, sports and entertainment and the social justice sectors. Beginning his career as a professional musician 1972, James turned his attention to public education and shifted to the entertainment industry in the early 1990‘s as an emcee and talk show host, and finally as a TV Executive Producer and Director.

James trained in the Professional Development Program at Simon Fraser University in British Columbia. His first teaching position was in Delta, BC.  During his 20-year career in education James taught English, Social Studies, Choral Music, Band and Guitar. At the close of his teaching career he was elected as the first Independent candidate in Delta to win a seat on the Delta School Board, serving in this capacity as School Trustee from 1988 to 1991.

As an Arts Administrator, James has managed various arts groups and a fine/performing arts society and school. He has produced and promoted national and international acts, stage shows, dance competitions and plays. It has been his good fortune to work with an extended list of internationally famous actors and performers from  BB King, the late John Candy, Frank Ludwig of Trooper fame, numerous Olympians , professional spots teams   and many others.

James’s strong commitment to education paired well with his work as an Executive Producer in the television industry. His first TV project was a local cable program called Stage of The Arts. With a budget of $2.5M James entered the professional broadcasting arena as a co-creator and Executive Producer of one of the most successful Canadian television series ever produced called The Urban Peasant with host chef James Barber.  This series, and its cookbook by the same name, was propelled onto the international stage by the force of James Green‘s unique and innovative management style, with some 130 episodes being sold to CBC Canada, TLC - USA, SKY Channel Europe and STAR Channel-Asia. The program was in syndication and is still viewed daily by millions of viewers. At its peak, the show was broadcast in 120 countries and was a pioneer program that helped put the Vancouver television industry on the world map.

Mr. Green's next venture was an equestrian program called Catch the Step which was aired on BCTV. He produced pilots for two more cooking genre programs and distributed 31 episodes of the CBC TV series Cycle which aired on The Outdoor Life Network. Following this venture, James raised $5M for other television productions in Canada and the United States. James is currently the president of Challenge Entertainment Corporation. CEC is a marketing, television executive production and merchandising company.  Through James’ creativity and business savvy, CEC has 6 new television series in development, as well as a new online television network in the works. These series are backed by product integration, the provincial and federal tax credit programs, sponsorships and investment.

Mr. Green has toured professional performance companies from around the world such as acrobats from China, string quartets from European countries and dance companies, to name a few.

James is a community supporter, a campaigner for environmentally sustainable, low income housing, ending homelessness and racism  and savvy follower of politics on all levels from city, to national and beyond. James understands the complex relationship between business and government. He believes business must act with a social conscience at every level, beginning with building corporate strength, but never forgetting the importance of giving back to the environment, the community, and to those less fortunate.

James Green‘s 50 year career path has produced a man with the presence, strength of purpose, and knowledge. He is an excellent communicator and a dynamic leader, and has the interpersonal skills required to communicate with producers, sponsors and investors, directors, employees, students, athletes, artists, politicians, and news and entertainment media.

James is a former President of the Delta Arts Council, the Fine and Performing Arts Society, and former manager of the FPA Dance Company and a board member of the Paula Ross Dance Company.  He is a former department head of the arts department in a secondary school and former vice president of The Delta Music Teachers’ Association and the Delta Community Band Society.  He was also a director of the Delta Sun Fest Society.  He is an expert fundraiser and has raised thousands of dollars for many of the non-profit societies he has been a member of through corporate sponsorships.

James attends Vancouver council meetings on a regular basis.  He is a member of C.A.L.M. (Community Advocates for Little Mountain Association), Riley Park South Cambie Vision Committee, a former President of the Douglas Park Residents Association and The Housing Subcommittee of Riley Park Visions Committee. He is currently a television executive producer, a marketing, merchandising and business consultant and business plan writer as well as personal and business adviser.  He is an advocate for social housing and social and justice reform and he has a keen interest in the justice system. James is the founder, president and CEO and of Social Justice Advisory Corporation.

James has written three  books. The first book, "Marriage Rules" can be found in the Vancouver Public Library and at Kindle/Amazon. His second book called "The Race" a wonderful life through Canadian racism, is now available for purchase as a PDF at www.jamesgreenartworks.net.  His other book, To be Mayor of Vancouver is at Amazon and will be released soon as a PDF atjamesgreenartworks.net. James' art work can also be seen at this website. 

He has been a publicist and a newspaper columnist, professional musician and singer, talk show host, athlete, and he says his most valued accomplishment is his 51 years marriage to his wife and partner in all things,  Marlies Green.

James is known as an innovator, visionary and excellent problem solver. James recognizes new ways to approach and solve the issues that challenge us today, and he possesses the determination to bring them to fruition and inspires others to take leadership roles.

James says that his love of his family, community and nation is what fuels him every day in his quest to make life better for all.  James and his wife of 51 years live in Vancouver BC.  They have two adult daughters.