After we have determined to accept you as a client, SJAC may assist you in the following areas.  Please fill out the SJAC Intake Form on the CONTACT page.


We will assist you in writing your complaints, questions and concerns to the persons and/or agencies that you believe
 wronged you.

Advisory Sessions

After we have determined to accept you as a client, we will meet to advise you as to the course of action you should take to gain the desired outcomes.  In reviewing your complaints, concerns and questions, we will work with you to determine strategies to gain the desired resolution with those you believe have wronged you.

Attending Meetings

We will, at your request, attempt to gain meetings with agencies or people you allege have wronged you.  We will attend these meetings with you to support you, and if requested, we will assist you in presenting  your complaint at these meetings.


We will research all agencies that are mandated to oversee the persons or agencies that you allege have wronged you, and recommend the best oversight agency, and persons within that agency, to forward your complaint to.


We will manage, at your request, media contacts and interviews as well as support you when dealing with the media.

We do not guarantee that you will gain the outcomes you desire, however, we will make our best efforts to assist you in gaining a satisfactory outcome.  We are not lawyers and do not give legal advice, but we may assist you in finding the professional services whichyou may require.

 Change, Improvements and Reform

We do not take an adversarial approach to solving problems, but work at a cooperative level with all parties to gain change, improvement and reform. We work hard to ensure that public and private agencies are accountable, transparent and open to reform.  As well as our advisory services, we work to make positive change in the sectors we approach, including the education, health, justice, government and consumer sectors.  We will make in-person presentations, write recommendation papers, produce documentaries on the issues for change, hold workshops and conferences and produce public service announcements.  

           Writing Services~Advisory Sessions~Attending Meetings~Research                       Communications i.e. Media 

Note: Where clients cannot afford our services, we may arrive at strategies to allow them to engage us, i.e. Work In Trade

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