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“The Race” is a powerful memoir detailing James Green’s first hand experiences dealing with and being affected by race. As readers follow the challenges and successes he faced during his life, it will open their eyes to the realities of what it means to be black, and how this does differ from person to person. We unfortunately still live in a society where race can negatively affect people. The story will serve as a true eye-opener as to how racism affects not only the individual, but society as a whole. “The Race” explores a variety of race-related topics, from education, business, politics, entertainment and relationships, and this narrative will show readers how to overcome negatives and heal. Ultimately, “The Race” is an evocative and heart-felt memoir that will show readers how to stop racism and hate once and for all and move forward in a truly equal and understanding society. In addition, the photographs included greatly enhance the story.


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